Shelter Cove Towne Center & WaterWalk Apartments

Internationally recognized as one of the premier residential and travel destinations, Hilton Head Island has become the most sought-after location in the Lowcountry. Amongst its lush communities, Shelter Cove Towne Centre has changed the narrative for redevelopment, transforming a 42-acre, 300,000 square foot underutilized site into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly town center. Anchored by a new public waterfront park overlooking Broad Creek, this mixed-use retail and residential village affords tourists and residents alike an immersive experience unlike any other.

Developed in the 1980’s, the original site was a largely vacant auto-dependent shopping mall that underutilized the vast beauty that the Broad Creek waterfront and its marshes had to offer. Prior to redevelopment, the site was surrounded by a perimeter road and large parking areas typically found in ageing malls. Since redevelopment, Shelter Cove Towne Centre has become a highly celebrated and sustainable tourist destination. Visitors, residents and shoppers can enjoy walkable access to shopping, dining, and civic open spaces all while enjoying the natural habitat that Hilton Head Island is renowned for.

Overlooking the waterfront park, this Centre has revitalized the space with the addition of retail shops and nine new restaurants, which include both indoor and outdoor dining venues. Shelter Cove Towne Centre’s new waterfront park offers residents and visitors an immersive experience set to an esthetically pleasing backdrop where visitors can enjoy gatherings, community events, and attending regularly scheduled festivals.

Throughout the development process, plans to transform this area were organized around the relocation of Shelter Cove Lane inward and trading land from within to allow the inclusion of a new public waterfront; the addition of a new entrance and Central Main Street from Highway 278 to draw patrons onto the site; and rezoning the property with commercial land uses and 240 multi-family units.

This exciting new park was jointly funded by the Town and upon completion was deeded to the community. As an epicenter for foot traffic, it often serves as the premier host site for many community events throughout the year. In an effort to optimize this beautiful site, redevelopment plans took maximum advantage by designing the new waterfront street and buildings outward towards the new waterfront park and Broad Creek; an asset previously ignored and screened from views in the prior mall’s development.

In addition to being one of the most vibrant locations on the Island, Shelter Cove Towne Centre also boasts a residential development known as the WaterWalk Apartments. This state-of-the-art luxury apartment community comprised of two separate buildings overlooking the beautiful marshes and waterways of Broad Creek and was planned as part of the Center’s rezoning and redevelopment efforts. WaterWalk helps to fill a portion of the Island’s significant demand for long-term residential rental options and now has a long waiting list for residents seeking units. Nestled in an ideal location, this community benefits from its pristine setting, the natural environment as well as the unique social and economic attributes of the Center and the Mid-Island District.

Of the many added benefits to living on the Island, the featured amenities within WaterWalk create gathering spaces with direct access to a public waterfront path system, surrounded by waterfront views where residents enjoy all the passive and active social spaces provided. The design emphasized a signature outdoor Lowcountry living appeal and includes quiet garden rooms and sitting areas, arbor trellis swings for viewing the waterway as well as outdoor courtyards with small lawns for passive recreation. Courtyards and gathering areas for each building include fire pits and summer kitchen grilling areas to facilitate social connections and resort style waterfront pools with sunset views. Buildings were set back from Broad Creek allowing for the addition of a new public pathway system for residents and visitors to walk and bike along this beautiful waterfront. This new pathway provides connections to the adjacent waterfront park, Shelter Cove Towne Centre and the Town’s linear park and a greater pathway system.