The diversified practice and loyal client following of Wood+Partners have provided a strong foundation for solid performance since the firm’s founding.

Wood+Partners was founded in 1988 by Perry L. Wood, FASLA and Edward G. Evans, Jr. on Hilton Head Island, SC. The firm is in its third generation of ownership and its Partners include Mark Baker, ASLA, President, and Kyle Theodore, ASLA; Todd Theodore, Trey Griffin and Eric Walsnovich as Principals. Our practice spans both public and private sector markets including large-scale mixed-use residential communities, resorts and hotels, commercial villages and town centers, multi-family, planning and urban design, parks and recreation facilities, K-12 education facilities, college and university facilities, and healthcare, medical and assisted living campuses. The firm’s diversified practice and loyal client following have provided a strong foundation for solid performance since the firm’s founding.

“What started as a small private sector that was focused on land planning practice has steadily grown over the years in both diversity and talent,” said Baker, President, and CEO. “We are all very proud of our long-standing practice and grateful to our founder, loyal clients, and talented employees. Our mission is “Creating Great Places” and what a joy it is to be able to come to work every day and create places for people to live, work and play.”

Our Hilton Head Island firm has 11 employees and a wide client base across the United States. We maintain a strong foundation throughout our land planning practice on Hilton Head Island which has led to a strong environmental preservation ethic focused on stewardship and sustainability practices. According to Baker, “We are continuing to plan for the future by actively mentoring our next generation of leadership. We also continue to focus on exceeding our existing client’s expectations and expanding our market opportunities geographically to serve the next 30 years and beyond.”